Hey! I’m a web developer in the Washington DC area.


  • AWS Certification Preparation

    Last week an associate who’s preparing for the Amazon Web Services Developer certification exam sent out a request to people in our company who work with AWS. He asked if any of us had obtained a certification and to share suggestions for preparing for it. The following is my email response (with titles, links, and script example added), including how to save $20 in preparation fees.

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About Me

I currently live in Northern Virginia. I work for a company that supports the US Department of Defense by providing web-based tracking of RFID tagged shipping containers from shipping centers in the US to bases around the world. Somewhat like how FedEx tracks their packages.

I enjoy photography, volleyball, and hiking. You can often find my wife and I cycling the W&OD trail. I’m always reading. My last name is pronounced "how".


My Twitter account is mostly stuff about software development.

My LinkedIn profile has my professional history.

My GitHub repository has some projects.


My Icebreaker Questions page continues to get several hundred unique visitors a day.